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Weekend Intensive Class

Video - The Ultimate Communication


This weekend intensive course is 3 x hours on Saturday and 3 x hours on Sunday

The Saturday session covers "Know your Audience", "Script Writing", and "Camera equipment"

The Sunday session covers "Filming", "Editing" and "Setting-up a YouTube Channel"

3 hours on Saturday 

You need to know who you are talking to so you can focus the message.

What are you trying to accomplish with the video

Is it, sales or Increasing traffic, or each a larger audience or to increase brand exposure

I cover the 6 items to include in your script. Solve the Problem, Product/Service as the solution, Outline Key Points, Recommendations/Testimonials, Call to Action, Script Software.

This module and not only covers the Camera choices but also the reasons why to film face to camera or just a voice-over, as well as discussing the use of Green Screen, Lighting and Microphones 

3 hours on Sunday

This module looks at using your selected camera choice whether it be webcam, iPhone or DSLR.

The ways to record a voice-over video is discussed as well as using Stock Photos and videos as "B" Roll rather than footage you have recorded.

My background is professional filmmaker and tutor for Final Cut Pro and iMovie. To follow the brief of this channel I will concentrate on Free video editing applications. Mac owners have iMovie which is free. There are free Windows applications that I will discuss as well. Video Editing has universal rules, so it doesn't matter which App you use. I will also discuss web based easy to use solutions.


Bruce has been my tutor for several years. He is incredible, very patient, and extremely dedicated to making sure you succeed. I highly recommend him and his tutorial videos.

Wow, you do an excellent job, and go the extra effort! I would like to know if you will be doing paid one on one courses as I’m planning to start my channel.

Nina A


Bruce is incredibly patient, clear, and thorough with his explanations and instruction. I can highly recommend him to anyone needing a tutor


Rupert Bedford Media 

Excellent tips Bruce - thank you! No matter how long do this, there is always something new to learn. Well done again on a perfect presentation.

John Cogdell

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