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Record a Promotional Video with a Webcam

Video - The Ultimate Communication

This tutorial will show you how to use your computer’s webcam for recording a Face-to-Camera video.

In the last video I covered some detail about 4K, 720P and 1080P resolution webcams.

No matter which type the process will be the same.


For this tutorial, I am going to mostly use Apple’s QuickTime Player that ships with every Mac. The process will be similar to other screen recorders.


I will also show you “Filmage Screen”  which records your voice as well as the screen audio playing on your computer. 

I’m assuming that you will have a separate microphone attached to your computer.

As a first step, it will pay to make sure that the audio from your Microphone is set up correctly.


On a Mac, you would select System Preferences from the Apple menu.

Select Sound, select input tab, and your external microphone. Blue Snowball in this case.


On a PC

1 Open Settings, click on the System icon.

2 Click on “Sound” on the left side, Choose the input device from the drop menu on the right side. 
You will not be able to choose if you do not have more than one input device connected.

3 When finished, you can close Settings if you like

Now launch Quicktime player.

Select from the file menu. New Movie recording.

Select the claret to the right of the record button.

Make sure your webcam is selected and the correct Microphone.

You can position yourself in the frame or move the computer to suit.

To check what webcam and microphone you are using select “show Movie inspector” in the Window menu.

When you are ready to start, press the record button.

Look directly at the webcam lens, be as natural as if you are talking to a best friend.

Press the same record button again to end the recording

You can play to see what has been recorded.

Next, “Save” from the file menu, and it will ask where you want to save on your computer,


“Export” to save at different resolutions or audio-only.

The file is ready to import into your editing application.

In a minute, I will show you how to use a teleprompter, so that you don’t have to memorize your script and still be able to look into the webcam lens.

If you are making videos that show your screen you can use the same Quicktime player with the “New Screen Recording” option in the File menu.

You will be able to record the screen vision as well as your voiceOver audio.

Quicktime will also record just your voice from your USB or computer microphone. In the File Menu. “New Audio recording” 

Beware, QuickTime does not permit the recording of audio that is playing from your computer’s screen. 

There are workarounds for this - they are complicated, but contact me and we can walk through those in a Zoom Meeting.

For a better result, my suggestion is to look at Purchasing “Filmage Screen” which I use for my recordings. $30.00 for the permanent license.

Filmage will allow you to record the visuals from your screen with the computer’s audio plus your VoiceOver audio - with a 4K option - QuickTime is limited to 1080p.

More importantly, Filmage gives you the ability to record your screen as well as your face-to-camera in a Picture in Picture. 

That brings me to a teleprompter that is free to use and will let you read without having to memorize your script. 

This is very simple to use, copy and paste the text from your script into the teleprompter web window.

You can correct spellers or grammar here, 

select the options to suit,


then press “start Prompter”

Position the teleprompter screen at the center top of your screen, so you appear to be looking into the webcam lens.

Launch Quicktime, or any other screen recorder.

When using Quicktime, it is the same process as I discussed earlier.

File menu, 

New Movie recording, 

Position the Quicktime window anywhere on your screen, so you can still read the words in the teleprompter window, any position will be OK.

No matter what size this window is it will still record at 1920x180.

You need to follow the exact order of the next steps.

Make sure the Quicktime window is active, by clicking on it.

Start Quicktime recording as I showed earlier, it will record everything from here until stopped.

Make sure that the teleprompter window is active, pressing the space bar will start the text scrolling.

The speed can be adjusted to suit.

I suggest that you set it a little faster than you read. 

Then press the space bar to pause and then press the space bar again when you have read that section.

As I said, QuickTime will continue to record while you read the script.

Once you have finished reading, click on the Quicktime window to activate it again and stop the recording and save as I showed earlier

You need to practice to get comfortable with it.

You can do the same with other screen recorders.

I will show you Filmage now.

When Filmage is launched click on the camera icon 

You can check the webcam and microphone being used.

You can adjust the input volume level.

Position the windows as with QuickTime, follow the same steps.

Start Filmage recording, 

Make the teleprompter window active, press the space bar to start scrolling.

Stop the recording by pressing the red button, in the Filmage window. There is also a pause button, not available in Quicktime

The recording is saved automatically and you can access it in the Finder by pressing the List button.

You can drag it to your video editing app from there.

As a Final Tip:
Most importantly, think of how the presentation you are recording will encourage your audience to go to your web page.

As I have said before, your web page is your shop, whether it has eCommerce or not, Just as you would want your physical shop to look attractive and inviting, do the same for your web page.


Equipment costs:
**Required - **
Sound card - for PCs
Screen recording software

Teleprompter.  Free
USB Lavalier (Lapel) Microphone: from $20.00
USB mic inc stand: from $40.00, suggest Blue Yeti $70.00

**Optional extras: **
Filmage Screen. $30.00  
Audio recorder such as a Zoom H1 - $99.00
Logitech Brio 4K webcam inc Microphone attached mid-US$ 200.
3 x LED lights and stands: From $60.00
Green Screen and stand: from $80.00


image of Zoom H1 Recorder
Home page of Pixabay
Home page of FlexClip
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