"Set-Up YouTube"     One-on-one Package

YouTube is very detailed I will look at the basics to set you up

My background is both as a videographer and video editor.


My passion lies with editing.

And to follow the brief of this channel I will concentrate on Free video editing applications.

Mac owners have the advantage here as iMovie is free to download from Apple’s App Store and is a very easy to learn and mostly very capable editing application.

There are a number of free Windows applications that we will discuss as well.

My background is professional filmmaker and tutor for Final Cut Pro and iMovie - editing in my wedding video business and teaching Final Cut Pro since its release in 1999 and now an independent Final Cut and iMovie mentor and trainer.

I have a dedicated Youtube Channel where the videos use my years of editing and teaching experience to cover just the items you need to know, without going into unnecessary details that will bog you down.

To take this course, it is a Precondition that the "Know your Audience" Package has been completed.

One-on-one face to face

Sydney locations inc travel

One-on-One Zoom


Set-up YouTube One-on-one Package Fees

It is a Precondition that the "Know your Audience" Package has been completed first.


2 x hours A$280.00

2 x hours US$180.00

2 x hours A$240.00

2 x hours UK£130.00

Further instruction after the first 2 x hours

the rates are:

Sydney locations inc travel 1 x hour A$160.00.

Zoom on-line: 1 x hour US$90.00.  A$120.00.

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