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Set-Up TickTick To-Do-List

Works on All Devices

The biggest benefit I find with the TickTick application is that it’s always available, no matter where you are, using whatever device is handy, so that you can quickly add your thoughts, ideas and get them out of your head.

This avoids the stress of trying to remember and lets you get on with what you are doing, without losing your train of thought.In this video, I will cover how to set up the computer version of TickTick as well as how to add to the inbox from anywhere on the computer.


This will then sync with all your other devices, iPhone/Android, tablet, or Apple Watch.

Later tutorials will look at how to use TickTick on these other devices.

As well as all your devices, TickTick actually uses a web-based database for your devices to link to and for you to access from any browser anywhere in the world.

After you have registered your TickTick you will always be able to access your web-based TickTick pages with the


When you are on the TickTick web page you can change all your settings, by selecting the avatar on the top left.

Select settings:

The free version of TickTick will do almost everything you need. I have only needed the free version for the last 4 years.

I’m only using the premium version here to show you all the features, just in case you need them.

If you do opt for the premium version it is a low $28.00 per year.

This tutorial does not intend to tell you everything about how to use TickTick.

It’s designed to show you how to employ the G.A.P. theory for time management:







The key component of the theory is to GATHER everything into the “Inbox” without interrupting what you are PERFORMING now, then at the end of the day ARRANGE those ideas into the suitable categories, known as “lists” in TickTick.

You decide what to call the lists, but I’ll show you here how I’ve set them up to give you something to start with.

TickTick is based on the principle of recording and reminding you of things to do as: “Today’s” reminders, “Tomorrow’s” reminders, and the “Next 7 days”.

Usually, everything is added to the “Inbox”, this means you don’t have to decide, on the spot, which list you want the idea saved in.

I suggest that you have your lists in s small number of folders.

I’ve used “Projects”, “Goals”, and “Focus” as my main folder Titles.

Each of these folders then has individual lists for your items.

This is how Most to-do lists work.

In general to-do lists focus on a time and date to remind you to action things - known as Tasks.

Non-time-sensitive NOTES need to be added in a separate Application.

A major benefit of TickTick is that it will store both your ideas as time and date “Tasks” or Non-time-sensitive “Notes” all in one application.

In TickTick, “Notes” are ideas that are not time-sensitive.

“Tasks” are time-sensitive and appear in the “Todays”, “Tomorrows” and “Next 7 days” Reminders.

Contents of “Notes” do not appear in the “Todays”, “Tomorrows” and “Next 7 days” Reminders.

You can decide, when you set up a list, whether it is a Task or a Note.

At any time you can change from a task or note by right-clicking and selecting “Edit.

You can also move the list into a different or new folder.

Another useful way of categorizing things in TickTick is to use “Tags”.

I’ve got tags for iMovie and Final Cut Pro. These tags are used to show anything related to those topics no matter what list they have been added to.

The third benefit of TickTick is the calendar - TickTick has its own calendar that you can add to when you do your scheduled ARRANGING at the end of each day.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have your separate calendars - TickTick will sync with those and automatically add any events from those other calendars to the TickTick Calendar.

This is the built-in Mac calendar and the TickTick Calendar with the synced events.

You can select which calendars TickTick will sync with.

The calendar feature is the main difference between the free version and the Premium version.

But don’t fret, if you only have the free version it will STILL Sync from your other calendars into today's, Tomorrow’s, and next 7 days reminders.

Let’s look at using TickTick on a computer.

Now you have set up your TickTick, let’s look at adding it to the inbox while you’re working on the computer.

If you have TickTick open just select the inbox and type in the idea or copy some text from anywhere on your computer and paste it in.

Press return or enter key and it’s added as a title for that thought. On the right-hand panel, you can add details.

That’s how to add to the inbox while TickTick is open.

How do you access TickTick when you are using your computer with other applications?

Of course, the easiest solution is to copy the text from any document you are using and paste it into the TickTick inbox.


However my favorite way of quickly adding to TickTick is to use a keyboard shortcut that works on both Mac and windows PC

Use Command+Shift+A on a Mac and Control+Shift+A and a windows PC.

This adds directly to the Today in TickTick.

But you can add from any application you are using at the time.

I find I mostly want to add to-do-items to TickTick when I am in my email app.

This works with ANY email application.

You simply forward any email to a unique TickTick email address.

You can create the unique email address as follows:

You do this from your TickTick account on the web which is synchronized with your devices.

Access this with:

Select settings from the avatar on the top left.

Select Calendar & Mail

You will see the unique email address, I have hidden mine for privacy.

You will then use this unique email address to add any email to your TickTick inbox.

Copy the unique Number

I use Apple mail

Forward the email by Clicking the forward icon.

Paste the copied unique address in the address field.

You should now add this to your Contacts list for the future.

Click on the downward Chevron. 

You will see “Add to Contacts” 

Adding the contact details will work in a similar way on any email app on any computer. 

Once you have added the address to your contacts it will be available to you in the future by just typing “TickTick” in the address field and the unique TickTick email address will be entered for you

This is how to add to the TickTick inbox from any application.

If you use a Mac, you can use “Services”  to add to TickTick from any application.

Select some text and from the Application’s Menu at the top left

Under Services  - “Add to TickTick”

You will see those entries in The TickTick Application.

That’s it - now at the end of the day, you can allocate the entry to whatever list you want. You can change it to a note by right-clicking and “Convert to note”