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Record a Promotional Video with just a

Video - The Ultimate Communication

A promotional video recorded with just a Voice-over has the major advantage of being much easier to produce and most importantly requires fewer presentation skills - so less stress for you.


A big benefit for you in producing a Voice-over recording is it can be done with just your computer without any extra camera equipment, though as I have stressed previously, you should invest in a good USB microphone or USB Lavalier (Lapel) Microphone for your computer.












Equipment costs are shown at the end of this Page

The simplest solution


Is to add your Voice-over directly while editing your video.

Or you could use any audio recording software you have installed.


Let’s look at the first solution - adding your voice directly into your video editing application.


But first, it will pay to make sure that the audio from your Microphone is set up correctly.


On a Mac

you would select System Preferences from the Apple menu.


Select Sound, select input tab and your external microphone.


On a PC

Open Settings, click on the System icon.


Click on “Sound” on the left side, Choose the input device from the drop menu on the right side.

You will not be able to choose if you do not have more than one input device connected.










It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to record your script in one take without mistakes.


I find that when reading the script, I Do make mistakes, and mostly need to repeat some sections several times, never mind the "Ums" and "Ahs".


Besides, when reading the script you’ll want put on your best “I am really interested” voice so you sound focused to your audience.


It’s easy to slip out of that voice as you continue with your reading of the script. So you need to repeat those lines that are not sounding enthusiastic.


Once you have edited that Voice-over in your timeline, you can then extend the time between words to suit the Video and Photos or add more images to cover where your voice is still speaking.



Use a Software Application to record the Voice-over


Another method of Voice-over recording would be to record the Voice-over into a software application and then add that to your video editing software.


You could use Quicktime Player - but other software will have similar functionality.


Launch Quicktime,


Select “New Audio Recording” from the File Menu.


Press the Red button to start the recording and the same button to end.


Save the file.



Use an Audio recording device


As a third method, you can also use an external audio recorder like a Zoom H1 or similar.

















Once the audio files are saved, the editing process is the same for both the second and third methods.

Either add it to your partly completed edit or create a new one.


If you are using iMovie, that pre recorded Voice-over can be added directly to the timeline and then the visuals can be added later.


Other video editing applications will work in the same way.

Use Stock Photos and Videos.

To save you time in filming all the visuals for a Voice-over video you should look at the numerous sites that offer stock footage, both paid and free.





I cover these in more detail in my blog "Stock video paid and free"


The following sites offer both Video and Photos to download.


Paid sites:


Royalty free and attribution sites.



This is most important.

When recording with only a voice-over you need to keep you audience engaged with visuals.


These are very easily done by using the titles supplied with your video editing software.


Or for a very easy and professional result look at FlexClip an online creation tool.





The added benefit of the text visuals they give you a segue or transition into a new subject without too much of a jarring jump in the video.



My personal recording tip:

I record my script directly into the computer before I add it to the video editing software.


The advantage of this is that I can use the free web teleprompter,




The advantage is I can read the script while I am recording.

The Final Thought:


While you’re reading the script think of how your presentation will encourage your audience to go to your web page.


As I have said before, your web page is your shop, whether it has eCommerce or not, Just as you would want your physical shop to look attractive and inviting, do the same for your web page.




Equipment costs:


Sound card - for PCs

Video editing Software



Screen recording software

Teleprompter. Free

USB Lavalier (Lapel) Microphone: from $20.00

USB mic inc stand: from $40.00, suggest Blue Yeti $70.00

USB microphone
USB Lavier Microphone
USB mic  with scissor stand
USB Microphone
image of Zoom H1 Recorder
Home page of Pixabay
Home page of FlexClip
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