How to shoot Product Photos

 Start out with whatever you have handy and see what the results are

What your customers think of your products is directly related to the quality of your Product Photographs.


When the audience looks at your website or social media pages, their eye goes to the visual images first, not the text, so Product Photos will tell your story before you do.


This module will show you how to take your Product Photography to the next level.


You’ll learn how to set the stage for your products to be shown at their best.


By the end of this tutorial, you’ll be able to shoot stunning product photos, whether you are using an iPhone or a DSLR.


I will concentrate on using a cell phone camera, as this tutorial is about Do-it-yourself photography and the equipment that you already own. 


However, I will also cover the use of a DSLR using the manual controls like the focal length, exposure, and focus controls.


I would like to remind you of the principal Manta of Marketing: “Know your Audience”. 


It is imperative that you have researched your potential audience before you progress any further.


When you are armed with that knowledge - we can continue with taking Product Photos that will be suitable for your “Potential Audience

The list of the topics that are covered.  


  • First impressions count:

  • Look at your competitors for inspiration:

  • Props - that suit your product and potential audiences’ use of the products. 

  • Lighting:

  • Background: 

  • Tripod

  • Rule of thirds

  • Camera aspect - Portrait, landscape, square, or 360:

  • Camera Controls

  • Use manual controls on a DSLR

  • Plan ahead for the actual shoot

  • Edit the image on your computer

The off-line Exercise:


The exercise for this session is to shoot some of your products with what you have learned today and note why you have made the choices. Note any problems that you encountered.


The results will be reviewed in the second session.


All modules discuss Know your audience” at the beginning of the module to ensure each student understands how to find their "Potential audience"


"Questions to ask yourself

These you need to know:

  • Is the potential audience mainly male or female?

  • Do they shop online or prefer to see/touch the product before they buy?

  • What form of media does your target rely on for information?

  • How old are they?

  • Where do they live?

  • How will your images motivate them to buy?


Secondary Questions of interest:

  • What is their education level?

  • What do they do for a living?

  • What income level?

  • What is their marital status?

  • Who makes the buying decisions?

  • Do they have children? How old are their children?

  • Are there common interests?

  • What motivates them to purchase?

  • How often do they purchase a product?

  • How long does it take them to make a buying decision?

  • How far do they travel to make a purchase?

  • What other products do they buy?

  • Are you selling B2B or B2C customers - why not both? “

The Product Photo Module Fees

2 x sessions

2 x hours training, plus 2 x hours review


One-on-One via Zoom


Group Zoom classes

(Minimum 3 persons) *

One-on-one face-to-face

Sydney locations inc travel

4 x hours A$650.00

4 x hours A$450.00

4 x hours A$700.00

Further instruction after the 4 x hour session.

Via Zoom:                                A$150.00 per hour

Sydney locations inc travel     A$180.00 per hour



One-on-One via Zoom

Group Zoom classes

(Minimum 3 persons) *

Further instruction after the 4 x hour session.

Via Zoom:                                US$90.00 per hour

                                                UK£70 per hour

4 x hours US$480.00

4 x hours UK £350.00

4 x hours US$300.00

6pm EST​

4 x hours UK £220.00

9am GMT

* Group Zoom sessions require a minimum of 3 x persons. Dates and times arranged to suit all parties

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