Record your Face or voice-only for Promotional Videos?

Your skills in front of a microphone and camera will dictate how you present your video.

There is likely to be a lot of practice required before you can present a good image as face-to-camera.

If you remember nothing else - The most important point in this tutorial, is that you need to be comfortable otherwise it will show in your video - even in your Voice-over.

Lets look at the Pros and Cons:

Pros for Voice-over

1/ Voice-overs will be easier to film - you will be less stressed and sound more natural.

Overall, they are quicker to produce

If you are not comfortable in front a microphone then this IS the way to go.

2/ You will spend less time editing a Voice-over recording

3/ You will need less equipment.

Depending on how you record you may have separate audio sources that need to be mixed in the edit.

Check out the tutorial “recording a Voice-over video”

4/ You can edit out ums and ahs and add extra content without having to match lips in the video.

It’s hard to edit out ums and ahs in the video editing software, as te cuts will cause jumps in the video. sometimes you’ll need to record the face-to-camera again.

Cons for VoiceOver

1/ Your audience is less likely to bond with you, as they don’t see you.

2/ The end result will likely not be as polished as as it would be when you are filming Face to camera

3/ You will be less likely seen as an authority - and that implies there will be less trust from your audience

Pros for face to camera

1/ The end result will look better, provided you look natural.

2/ By showing your face you are more likely to create a bond with your audience

3/ Research shows that a face on screen ensures more trust from your audience

4/ You are likely to be associated as an authority on your subject matter

Cons for face to camera

1/ Filming in front of a camera is hard to do - it takes time to perfect - unless you are some sort of superman you’ll look stiff and give the impression of an animal caught in the headlights at night.

You’ll most likely need to use a teleprompter, as your eyes need to engage with the viewer, as you’ll unlikely memorize the script.

But with that said - don’t talk into the camera with a fixed gaze.

It’s’ OK to glance away from time to time as you would if you were in conversation with real person. But you need a reason to look away otherwise it could give the impression of insincerity.

It goes without saying, You DO need to practice - unless you are very familiar with microphones and being in front of a camera.

In fact, Camera professionals will tell you they practice before each presentation, even after years in front of the camera.

I can’t emphasise enough that you need to be comfortable when you are presenting - it will show to the viewer.

Review your practice runs - if you are not completely happy, it is better to revert to Voice-over only recording.

2/ Face-to-camera will likely to take longer to edit.

If you are not an experienced video editor - this will be a big consideration simply due to the time involved with editing.

There will be more even time spent in the edit with mixed audio from the camera and extra recorders.

3/ You will need more equipment — better camera, a webcam or a Green Screen, teleprompter.

Consider the costs here, but remember a small investment can make a big difference as you’ll see in the next tutorial which talks about cameras and equipment.

Equipment costs are in the description below:

4/ On a simple note you should consider how to dress to suit your audience.

Your target audience will judge you by what you wear. But be sensible, you should wear what suits your actual age with some feel for your potential audiences expectations.

As an aside here, also consider the backgrounds that you use, especially if you’re filming in front of a green screen and adding a background in the edit.


Using a mix of Voice-over and Face-to-camera will avoid the boring long shots of just your face on screen - your audience is likely to switch off in no time flat.

I suggest that if you’re planning on any Face-to-Camera portions in your videos that you film it all as Face-to-camera to use as the Voice-over in the edit.

This will avoid using different Microphones in the recording process, as those will be hard to match up in the edit.

Simply speaking, different microphones and recording software sound different.

For technical videos, you will likely use more Voice-over, with the computer screen recordings and a webcam mixed in.

Before you make any decisions, I suggest that you look at the next tutorial, to see what’s needed when using a camera as opposed to just the Voice-over.

As a Final Tip:

Most importantly, think of how the image you are presenting will encourage your audience to go to your web page.

As I have said before, your web page is your shop, whether it has eCommerce or not, Just as you would want your physical shop to look attractive and inviting, do the same for your web page.


Approximate Equipment costs:

Webcam recording.

*Required - **


Sound card - for PCs

Screen recording software


Teleprompter. Free

USB Lavalier (Lapel) Microphone: from $20.00

USB mic inc stand: from $40.00, suggest Blue Yeti $70.00

**Optional extras: **

Filmage Screen.

Audio recorder such as a Zoom H1 - $99.00

Logitech Brio 4K webcam inc Microphone attached mid US$200.

3 x LED lights and stands: From $60.00

Green Screen and stand: from $80.00


Equipment for Cell Cameras:

**Required - **

Tripod - $2-$10.00

Tripod Mount for Phone - $5- $10.00


Video teleprompter lite for iOS or equivalent - free version Pro version: $30.00

Lavalier (lapel) Microphone. From $20.00

3.5 pin for PC and Lightning cable for iPhone

**Optional extras: **

USB mic inc stand: from $40.00, suggest Blue Yeti $70.00

Audio recorder such as a Zoom H1 - $99.00

3 x LED lights and stands: From $60.00

Green Screen and stand: from $80.00


Equipment need for DSLR:

**Required - **

Tripod $10 - $20.00

3.5mm jack Lavalier microphone: $40.00 plus

**Suggested: **

**Optional extras: **

Audio recorder such as a Zoom H1 - $99.00

USB mic inc stand: from $40.00, suggest Blue Yeti $70.00

Teleprompter: From $100.00

3 x LED lights and stands: From $60.00

Green Screen and stand: from $80.00

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