Best Sites for Free Stock Photos and Videos

Both Face-to-camera and Voice-over only promotional videos will benefit from good “B” Roll.

“B” Roll is any visual images, still or video that is seen will you are talking in the video.

You could spend the time filming your own “B”Roll or you could save time and add Videos and Photos that have been recorded by others.

There are many sites on the web selling Stock Photos and Videos. You will likely pay a royalty to be able to use these.

However there are many have options that are free of royalty payments. There are sites that offer all their images royalty free and some that allow commercial use, but also ask for an attribution on your video.

An Attribution is an reference that you must add to your video, or your web site, to credit the creator of the image

When you have selected a photo or video to download, I suggest you check whether it will require attribution and make sure you copy the text that they ask for.

I will show you the fully free sites later in this video as well as how to handle attribution should it be needed.

The following sites offer both Video and Photos to download.

Th list in also in the description below:

First the Paid sites:

Royalty free and Attribution sites. - Show this site and download SplitShire-Lighthouse-of-Santa-Maria-di-Leuca-Italy-0445


Some of the sites in the Royalty free list have some paid images amongst the free offers - be careful.

I use PixaBay extensively so I’ll show you the download process and where the images appear on your computer.

You can choose between. Photos, illustrations, videos and even Music.

Type the category of image that you are looking for - select Photos.

Now illustrations

Now for videos

Select a video

Click on Free Download

This will give you options in sizes.

Make your choice, the bigger the size the more space it will use on your computer.

It is a nice to credit the video author but not required.

Be aware that some images from other sites will require a credit. I’ll show you that on the Pexels site in minute.

The image will download to your ‘Downloads’ folder.

Drag it to you video editing application and add to the timeline.

Now a quick look at the Pexels site.

Type you choice in the search field.

I’ll type Computers and select video

If you hover over each image they will play a preview

Click the image

Click free download, it will download to your “downloads” Folder

With Pexels they require a Credit.

Click on the copy and paste into the description for your Youtube video or under the photo or video in your website.

As a Final Tip:

The purpose of your promotional video is to encourage your audience to go to your web page.

As I’ve said before, your web page is your shop, whether it has eCommerce or not, Just as you would want your physical shop to look attractive and inviting, do the same for your web page.

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