10 Free and low-cost Video Editors - 2021.

Reviewing 10 x low cost video editors has turned out to be a bit of a daunting task, so I have broken it down to some simple principles.

This is the list of Video editing software reviewed.

Free with no watermarks or trial period



HitFilm Express

DaVinci Resolve


Low cost editors - under $100.00

WonderShare Filmora


Movavi Video Editor

Filmage Editor

All, bar iMovie and Filmage, are able to run on both Mac and Windows.

The tricky thing to evaluate is the different requirements you will need, based on your editing skills and the time you are prepared to learn the editing process.

With this in mind, I’ve come up with is a list of the features that I consider necessary for the type of videos you will be producing to promote your small business. I’ve added as an extra feature “Ease of Use”

Since the rationale of this series of videos is to use the things you are ready own or are free to access, I’ve concentrated on the Free Video editors and only added those paid ones that fit into the “low cost” basket.

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