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This series of tutorials is aimed at Videographers but it’s not restricted to Videographers, as other creators, in fact any business can use these same principles to speed-up and improve their workflow.

The system includes how to record the progress of jobs as well as your time management on any or all of your various devices: Computer, iPhone/Android, Tablet, Apple Watch, and even from web pages


It records and categorizes; Emails, Messages, Quotes, Bookings, Active jobs, Jobs-in-review, Completed jobs, and Archived jobs.

The workflow uses just one software app that can be accessed from your Computer, iPhone/Android, Tablet, Web pages, and Apple Watch.

Throughout the series, you will see tutorials on the G.A.P. workflow with practical examples of the Folder set-up on your Computer as well as setting up in your Email Application. 

The principle is to GATHER thoughts and ideas - any time anywhere, with the device at hand, instantly adding to a Note, so you have more time to PERFORM your work without distraction. 

This will remove any stress of having to remember things to do later.

The Tutorials will cover how to set up and work with the TickTick  Application which acts as Notes, Calendar, and To-do-List all in a single application, rather than using multiple applications.

The thoughts and ideas can be added to TickTick with a Chrome, Firefox or Safari extension, dictated into an Apple Watch or an iPhone, typed or dictated onto a tablet or a computer, even added directly from your email App.


These are the tutorial titles:

Workflow for Video Editors

    Computer Folders
    Email App
    Time management - closing the G.A.P.? 

In-depth instructions on the TickTick Application

    iPhone/Android & tablet
   Web pages - Chrome, Safari, or FireFox Extensions
    Apple Watch    

The 1st two videos cover how to set up your Computer with folders to show the progress of your Video jobs as well as automatic assembly of emails from clients associated with your individual jobs.

Video number 3, explains the process of time management using G.A.Ps. The last 3 tutorials show how to use the To-do-list software in detail.

If you are not a creator you may want to go to tutorial number 3 to start with, you can go back to view 1 and 2 later.