Interior Decorating

Giving you the Inspiration to make your own Promotional Videos 

There’s stiff competition for new clients, in the Interior Decorating field. In today’s crowded local marketing landscape, it is difficult to stand out. As a small business owner, you might feel the added pressure of competing with larger businesses when it comes to paid advertising, Using your skills to produce your own videos will allow you to compete without the huge budget that larger companies spend

Modern Interior Design

Create Visuals to Use Across All Channels

Your visual brand identity is the key in any design business. You need to keep it consistent across all web channels, from your Instagram and Facebook to your business card and beyond. You are an expert at creating the perfect visual in a room, bring those skills into vogue to design your online presence.

Use those skills to create a visual identity that’s in line with your vision and brand. 

These are some important things to start with.

A company logo for use across social media channels
Before-and-after shots of your projects from multiple angles
Close-up shots of the details of your designs

Film your videos with the same concepts in mind.

Don't forget to plan with the Essential. Knowing your audience and planing your capture of your visuals.

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  • Twitter
  • Linkedin