How to Use Green Screen Effects

Create the special effects you see on the TV weather and Hollywood movies. 

Shooting with a green screen will give you the ability to have different backgrounds showing in your video as well as allowing you to show objects and text behind you.


It can also save you time if you are looking at having other locations in your videos, like the Eiffel tower for instance - no travel is needed.


If you don't follow some rules you will create more work for yourself.


Ensure your green screen is as flat and smooth as possible.


Then, light your green screen thoroughly.


First light your screen, then your subject.

It can cause grief if the green screen and the subject are lit with the same light source.


Light your screen first, as evenly as possible.

Use diffused, non-directional lighting preferably from above.


Keep a good space between the subject and the green screen as possible, it will help to prevent green tones from spilling off the screen and onto the edges of your subject. 


If it’s green, it’s going to go away, so don't wear any green or tones of blues or yellows verging on the green.

These are The topics that the module will follow:

  • What is a Green Screen?

  • Why use a Green Screen?

  • Make your own green screen.

  • How to use the Camera.

  • Set up your lighting.

  • Edit the result

All modules discuss “Know your audience” at the beginning of the module to ensure each student understands how to find their "Potential audience"


"Questions to ask yourself

These you need to know:

  • Is the potential audience mainly male or female?

  • Do they shop online or prefer to see/touch the product before they buy?

  • What form of media does your target rely on for information?

  • How old are they?

  • Where do they live?

  • How will your images motivate them to buy?


Secondary Questions of interest:

  • What is their education level?

  • What do they do for a living?

  • What income level?

  • What is their marital status?

  • Who makes the buying decisions?

  • Do they have children? How old are their children?

  • Are there common interests?

  • What motivates them to purchase?

  • How often do they purchase a product?

  • How long does it take them to make a buying decision?

  • How far do they travel to make a purchase?

  • What other products do they buy?

  • Are you selling B2B or B2C customers - why not both? “

The Green Screen Effects Module Fees

2 x sessions

2 x hours training, plus 1 x hour review


One-on-One via Zoom


Group Zoom classes

(Minimum 3 persons) *

One-on-one face-to-face

Sydney locations inc travel


One-on-One via Zoom

Group Zoom classes

(Minimum 3 persons) *

Further instruction after the 4 x hour session.

Via Zoom:                                US$90.00 per hour

                                                UK£70 per hour

3 x hours A$500.00

3 x hours A$400.00

3 x hours A$580.00

Further instruction after the 3 x hour session.

Via Zoom:                                A$150.00 per hour

Sydney locations inc travel     A$180.00 per hour


3 x hours US$370.00

3 x hours UK £270.00

3 x hours US$280.00

6pm EST​

3 x hours UK £200.00

9am GMT

* Group Zoom sessions require a minimum of 3 x persons. Dates and times arranged to suit all parties

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