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Set-Up Email Application

Time Management

I find that most of my jobs come from an exchange of emails, so it’s important to keep a record that can be easily accessed and relate to jobs in progress.


Just so I know what I told the client about the job.

In the last tutorial you saw how to keep the progress of the jobs organised on your computer.


In this tutorial I’ll show you how to integrate that information with your email application.

I’ll be using Apple Mail to do this, but any email application will have similar functionality.

I’ll reproduce most of the Computer folder names, but
there’s no need for an “Archived jobs” folder in the email list and I’ve added “Cancelled Jobs”.

Active jobs, 

Completed jobs,
Cancelled Jobs

The process is similar to the computer, in that you add folders for each job.

What is different is that you only need to add your emails to those jobs once and the Smart folder automatically adds any future correspondence.

You can see the Smart Folders set up here in Apple Mail.

All are sub-folders inside The Main “JOBs” Folder

Inside each of the sub-Folders are Smart Folders for each Job.

You create new Job numbers by duplicating a pre-set blank Smart Folder.

Let’s say I have a new job in the wings from Aaron.

Select the email from Aaron, Copy the email address.

Go to the next numbered Folder 1007, right click and duplicate.

Increase the number by one digit for next time. 1008

Select the duplicated Folder - 1007 right-click and “Edit smart Folder”: Paste Aaron’s email address in the 2 x fields

Drag the folder into Quotes.

When Aaron’s job is booked, drag it to Bookings and then to Active-job and so on.

Now you have the job name and number you can create a folder on your computer to keep track of that job as we discussed in the last tutorial.

Since the new job number, in this case, has been created in the email app no need to go through the process of duplicating the computer’s folder.

You will decide which place that you want to start the new numbers from.

Just a quick comment here, about SMS, What’s App and Facebook Messages.

As I mentioned in the previous tutorial, I find it really quite confusing when trying to remember what conversations were about or even what Message Application they were recorded in.

My answer to this is to copy the conversion text and open a text editor, paste and then drag the file into the job folder on your computer.