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How to close the GAP

Time Management

Time management sounds like something that you would prefer not to do - it has connotations of rules and procedures.

Let me expel those fears for you right now.

It can simply be done in a 5 x minute stint at the end of each working day so the next day you are off and running without giving it a further thought.

This is Stress free Productivity 

We tend to overcomplicate things and think EVERYTHING is important. 

Hence creating stress - 

Trash the stress by knowing what you’ll be working on first thing in the morning.

The secret is to GATHER everything - ideas, thoughts, and only ARRANGE them into categories at the end of the day, hence you don’t have to divert your mind from what you’re currently PERFORMING.

Let me emphasise - you ARRANGE everything you have GATHERED into categories at the end of the day, so that you can PERFORM them on the next day or at whatever date you nominate. 

Things that have no date are also recorded as Notes so you don’t have stress that you will forget them. 

In this video I’ll give you an overview of the procedure and in the series of following tutorials I’ll detail on how to put it all into action.

It’s not Brain surgery - and will not take more than 5 or so minutes at the end of the day.

I’d implore that you stay watching to fill in the GAP in your working life.

I use the phrase G.A.P. - as you may have guessed from what I’ve said so far, these are the 3 x words that explain the activity.


The REAL secret to it all is the first word.

You GATHER everything as a NOTE, in one place, as you think of it - so nothing diverts your attention from what you’re doing at the time. 

Let me emphasise, you GATHER everything - work-related AND personal items, it doesn’t matter - as it gets it out of your mind so you can PERFORM what you are currently doing without the Stress of trying to remember.

You then ARRANGE those into categories at the end of each day.

In the following tutorials I’ll show you the nuts-and-bolts of how to actually do this in a digitised process - if you are a paper person, no problem, you can use the same logic with paper and pencil if you wish.

But for now I want to expand on why the quick GATHERING is so important.

This whole theory is based on David Allen’s theory of:

Getting-things-done   - G.T.D. 

You may ask, why do I call my process G.A.P.?

In fact, it’s a modification on David Allen’s - I fill in the Gaps by using free-to-use software that’s in front of you all day - iPhone/Android, Tablet, Macs/PCs, Web pages, and Apple Watch.

Most people using the G.T.D process have 3 x different digital Apps. a Note-taking App, a Calendar, and a To-Do-list

I’m going to show you how to do this with only one piece of software that runs in sync on all your devices.

Most of you will never need more than the free-to-use version. Even if you do opt for the premium version - it’s a low $27.00 per year.
I’ve been working with the free-to-use version for the past 4 years and still don’t REALLY need the premium features.

Though I will show you in the following tutorials in-case you feel you need those features.

The name of the App is TickTick and it runs on any and all of your devices.

Let me be clear now, this video is not paid by TickTick nor will they have any say in what I include in this video or the series that follows.
As an overview:

You use the “Notes” feature in TickTick for ideas and the “Tasks” feature for things that need to be done in a time frame.

This is just simply a record of your ideas, and thoughts.

The beauty of it all is.

You can enter these instantly from any of your devices - all into one place so you can ARRANGE them into categories at the end of the day.

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing during the day.

1/ You can dictate from your iPhone/Android or even Apple Watch if you have one.

2/ You can GATHER emails that you have received from any email app - I use Apple Mail and add to TickTick


3/ You can GATHER URLS or text from Chrome, FireFox or Safari and add to TickTick. They have extensions that let you view TickTick as well, while you are on the web page.

4/ You can type notes and add them to TickTick from a Mac or PC.

Then when you ARRANGE all of your notes GATHERED during the day you can add them to the Calendar or To-do-list in TickTick as a NOTE or as a date sensitive TASK.

Then when you start the next day, everything is in order for you to PERFORM. 

I’ll show you all of these procedures in the other tutorials.

Just remember to spend a few minutes - please give it time to get into the habit, and you can even set in the Tick-tick “Habits” feature to remind you.


Now that you have reviewed what you’ll be doing the next day, your brain will subconsciously chew on it over night and you’ll have enhanced ideas when you start working in the morning.  

I’d advise that you let the G.A.P. theory evolve to suit your personal needs - don’t feel you’re restricted to what I say - be adventuresome.

But Whatever, be consistent about doing the ARRANGING every day.
GATHER everything as you came across it, ARRANGE it at the end of the day for the next Day and after, it’ll allow you to spend most of your time PERFORMING. 

It’s all designed for your Stress free Productivity