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Giving you the Inspiration to make your own Promotional Videos 

You need to engage your customers, encourage them to share your posts and make an effort to go viral. Only then will you be able to attract new guests through your social profiles.

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Your Facebook page will not replace your hotel website

You need to interact with travellers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Your Facebook page will not replace your hotel website, but it’s the perfect complement. Instead of just providing basic information about your accommodations.

The goal is to get people liking your posts, and commenting on your page. Start the conversation, and watch your business continue to grow.

You need video to show travellers your premises and the attractions close at hand.

People connect with people. To connect with travellers in 2021, being authentic and real is more important than ever.


Show your guests that you’re not just another brand, try to help guests relate to your brand.

Finding the right tone of voice gets you started. use a tone that suits your image as well as your potential customers.


How do you want to come across as hotel or B&B?


Young & hip or rather businesslike & luxurious?


What is your target audience looking for?


What appeals to an ideal guest? 

Just as your tone of voice needs to be right, so does the visual aspect. Show that feeling in your images and videos.

To increase interaction on social media, use an approachable tone.


It is true being conversational is a tend, use that approach in your 2021 conversations

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