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Add to TickTick from Web Pages

Works on Safari, Chrome, Firefox

TickTick is a to-do list application that works  in sync across all your devices, that's your computer, the iPhone or Android, a Tablet, Apple watch or even a web browser.


In this tutorial I'll show you how to add text and graphics directly from a web  page on your computer, to follow the GAP theory.


In a previous tutorial I showed you how to set-up TickTick with folders and lists so you can gather  

things needing to be done as you think of them. 



I'll be showing you on a Mac but this  works in the same way on any computer in any web  



You can capture text and URLs from any web  page when you're using Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

I'm currently using Chrome with an image from Pixabay.  

To add the URL to TickTick you can click  the extension icon and "Add to TickTick"

and you can do the same for adding text by copying the text and clicking the extension.

If you want to access the TickTick inbox, even when it's not launched. Click the TickTick icon at the top.

Safari does it differently. You don't need to  copy and paste.


Highlight some text,


Click the TickTick icon at the top,


Press enter, and that's added directly to TickTick's inbox.

If no text is highlighted then just  the URL is added to TickTick

Finally Firefox.


This operates much like  Chrome.


You right click on the TickTick icon on the top right.


You need to copy and paste either the URL or the text into the Inbox field.


If  you click to the left of the word "Inbox" this takes  you directly to TickTick so you can select the list  

to be added to and you can also create new lists. 


All of these actions are highly useful when  you're browsing on the web so you don't get  distracted from your current train of thought.