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Video Marketing for Small Business
Make your own DIY Promotional Videos

Video - The Ultimate Communication

One-third of internet activity is spent watching Video


Vision Statement

I am focused on small businesses wanting to make their own Do-it-yourself Promotional Videos. 

If you are making short Advertisements or informative Videos, I've got you covered 

The rationale is to keep costs to a minimum using things you already own or spending the least amount possible to dramatically improve the Videos.

I will concentrate on doing it with free resources and give the reasons as to why spending a little will improve your results. 

 These are the DIY Video Courses 

Your skills in front of a microphone and camera will dictate how you present your video.


Bruce has been my tutor for several years. He is incredible, very patient, and extremely dedicated to making sure you succeed. I highly recommend him and his tutorial videos.

Wow, you do an excellent job, and go the extra effort! I would like to know if you will be doing paid one on one courses as I’m planning to start my channel.

Nina A


Bruce is incredibly patient, clear, and thorough with his explanations and instruction. I can highly recommend him to anyone needing a tutor


Rupert Bedford Media 

Excellent tips Bruce - thank you! No matter how long I do this, there is always something new to learn. Well done again on a perfect presentation.

John Cogdell

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